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    I’ve set up a fax server with a 4 port Mainpine that is working using Windows Fax and Scan. I’m trying to connect to the windows fax and scan account i set up on this server with other computers, however, I’m only able to connect 1 computer to the account, i’ve tried 5. I get the error “You do not have security permissions to complete this operation. Contact your fax administrator for more information”

    This server is not part of a domain. the computer(connected)computers(not connecting) are not part of a domain. The computer/computers are administrator accounts. In trouble shooting, When i ping the faxserver hostname from the computers that don’t connect, they do reply. I’ve seen that when i do a tracert to the fax server from the computer that works, it’s pointing to my domain controller forward address, under a server that no longer exists, but has the same ip address as the current fax server. I’ve deleted that entry and reentered using the correct hostname and same address. Did a tracert to the fax server again from the computer that works, and it pointed to the new entry. Now i wasn’t setting it up to do this, but since it was already pointing that way, and working i decided to keep the same path for now.

    So on the computer that doesn’t work, i set the IPV4 dns properties to the DC, did a tracert to the fax server, and it pointed to the fax server hostname not the DC, so i manually entered the DC’s hostname and ipaddress in the dns under system32/drivers/etc, did a tracert and it’s now pointing to the entry on the domain server, but now instead of a security error, i get “The mentioned fax server is not available” . the computer that works does not have the DC entry in the system32/drivers/etc, but does have the IPV4 set at the DC, why it points to the DC without the system32/drivers/etc entry i have no idea.

    So i guess that the computer that works in which points to the DC, has nothing to do with it working.

    Does anybody have any ideas on why 1 will connect but the others won’t. I don’t seem to see any difference between the computers, but I guess there must be.


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