Server 2016 this past weekend. 12 weeks total from start to finish.

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    Hello everyone,,
    I frequent this sub pretty often. I chime in with comments here or there, but I’ve been wanting to do something to really contribute. So here’s a debrief/write up of my experience studying for the Microsoft Server 2016 exams. I decided to get my MCSA in Server 2016 just a little while ago and I just passed my final test on Saturday! I want to try and help as many people succeed in pursuing their certification as I can if it’s something that you want to try and accomplish.

    I also wanted to prove that it can be done quickly without the use of dumps. I was certainly tempted to try and find the official test questions and cheat, but I set the goal for myself of passing without doing so, and I did it. There are some that would say a certification is just a piece of paper which doesn’t demonstrate anything, but I actually learned a LOT during the study process for these exams. A lot of the stuff Microsoft is testing you on is stuff that you set and forget and never learn the details of. Or stuff that you just don’t do that often in the real world. It’s all been very interesting to learn about.

    I’ll also say, certifications are no substitute for experience. If you’re fresh out of college they’re not guaranteed to get you a job. If you google “MCSA Salary” and think you’re going to make that much without anything but the MCSA on your resume, you’re going to be disappointed. Certifications will get you through HR so that you can talk to a technical interviewer who (hopefully) knows what they’re talking about. From there you can discuss your technical qualifications. There have been some great posts on this sub regarding the validity and value of certs, so I’m going to end my commentary on this side of things here. It is a hotly debated topic. If it’s something you want to pursue, great! This write up will help you.

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