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    I currently have have one Scope with an IP range of with a subnet mask of as someone suggested to me for the private school I support as a volunteer. I would like to force all non-school supplied equipment (I-phones, Ipads, etc.) to get their IP from the range. I don’t have a strong network background, so I’m looking for help. I read about using a DHCP policy, but it was not as clear as I need. One way I read about was segregating by MAC address and I could identify MAC prefixes that we use, but again I’m not clear on how to implement if this is the correct approach. I use Reservations for all our printers, access points, server, etc. in the range and this is the range I want all the school supplied equipment to obtain their IP address from. Since I’m a network neophyte, I need some very specific examples. I looked at super scopes, but am not sure if this is the right approach. Finally, I want to make sure if for whatever reason a school supplied laptop got an address in the 192.168.1.x range that they could still access the server and the printers in the 192.168.0.x range. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide!!

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