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    Karl Bracken

    Ok so this has been bothering me all week!

    We have 2 physical hyper V servers running 8 VMs between them, each physical server has a Domain controller on it running in a VM and all servers are 2008R2

    The VM PDC is set to NTP and to sync with and the rest including the physical servers are NT5DS

    when i run w32tm /query /status

    Im getting VM IC Time Synchronization Provider on both VM DCs, what is that?
    When i look at the events im getting an error 12something or 13something i cant remember right now, complaining about DNS so it looks like my PDC is not getting out?

    I have followed MS details on setting up an external time source and made all registry changes but i think the DNS is getting me….

    Any thoughts?

    What does VM IC Time Synchronization Provider mean?
    Im also assuming if i run w32tm /query /status on the PDC it should say the external time source as source?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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