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Server 2008 TS Web Access – Forms Based Authentication?

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    Hi Folks

    Currently working on deploying 2008 TS Web Access, have got it working ok on the intranet, it doesn’t yet work fully on the internet but I’ll figure that out.

    Just wondering about the logon page for internet access.

    I have published it to the internet, and can access the TS Web Access page externally after I enter my domain creds in the standard Windows authentication box (just can’t load any apps but as I say I’ll work that one out).

    But seeing as how OWA and CWA can use Forms Based Authentication to give the user a nice looking logon page, wondering why I can’t find the equivalent for TS Web Access?

    Can FBA be configured for TS Web Access?

    Anyone got TS Web Access working correctly with a nice logon page for the users?



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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