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    Good day everyone

    In server 2003, there was an easy option to repair a server should something go wrong with it
    However in server 2008 I find that the option is not really there compared to server 2003

    Scenario example1

    The server 2008 std 64 wont boot up into windows.
    What options do I have to do a repair? The server is a DC. I have an installation disk

    Scenario example2

    The server is able to give F8 options and Safe mode with Command prompt is available.
    The server is a DC.I have an installation disk at hand.

    The outcome must preferably not make changes to the active directory and rest of the server setup (dns, dhcp, file service etc)

    Kindly provide any solutions to get the server up and running.
    Please note this is just in a test environment. I would like to be ready should it really happen to my dell poweredge server

    Thanks guys for the responses. As always, I am grateful for any feedback
    Best regards

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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