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    I am presently researching how to set up DHCP Split Scope with a Delay on Secondary Server to support our network. Presently we have one DHCP server that is a virtual server. I planned to create a second DHCP server on a box for fault tolerance. We recently had a situation where the user could not reach the DHCP server and were unable to connect to resources. I have done this at a previous job and it worked fine, but that was in the days of not may vlan. We have many vlan and I plan to use the split-scope configuration wizard in Windows Server 2008 [email protected]

    Has anyone had experience with using this tool? Did the split scope work well with multiple Vlans? Our Vlans are working well with our present DHCP server. If anyone has some guilder lines that would be helpful? I did find a step by step guide on how to set this up, but it didn’t really mention anything about multiple vlan.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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