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    I need some ideas on how I could get two NAS unit (iSCSI) to complete my failover cluster for full fault tollerance.

    I currently have two nodes in a failover cluster working with one NAS unit over iSCSI currently using FreeNAS on two PCs which will later be moved to 2x IOMEGA Cloud Edition which supports (SCSI-3 PR). The cluster is working great right now with one NAS. I’m not sure how I can add a second NAS to the picture , where the cluster will detect when one NAS goes down and failover to the second. I also need the (MySQL) database to be updated in realtime on both NAS units. I tried adding two disks to each HA “Services and Applications” but it didn’t work well because MySQL (My.ini) could not point to two locations for the database.

    I ran in to two issues:

    1. Failover Cluster does not support Dynamic Disks (software RAID between the two NAS).
    2. The NAS units do not support software RAID on iSCSI volumes.

    Thanks in advance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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