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    Hi all,

    Recently I upgraded my domain, added a 2008 server as a domain controller en demoted my 2003 domain controller. The network works just fine, I can add servers and workstations but not my storage solutions. I have 2 storage solutions: Iomega Storcenter Pro ix4-100 and a Lacie Ethernet Disk raid. Whenever I try to add those to my AD, they report an error:

    StorCenter: Unable to join the domain. You must provide the username and password for an Active Directory account with administrative privileges

    Lacie: An error occurred while attempting to browse the Active Directory tree. Make sure the user name and password are correct and have sufficient privileges, the specified organizational unit exists, and the system times for the storage system and the Active Directory server are in sync.

    I checked everything, made the 2008 a time server and changed the devices so they use the 2008 server as a time server. I try to connect them using the administrator account with all the privileges.

    The firmware is up to date and I contacted Iomega but they didn’t have an answer. Am I missing something? Did I forget to add a role or service to the DC? Who can help me?

    Thanks in advance!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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