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    I have read the Administrator password recovery articles associated with this site and while I have figured several things out, I have a few problems left. I have two different servers, one running server 2003 Enterprise and the other 2000 Advanced Server.

    First, the 2003 server: I managed to blank the local admin password, but for some reason the methods to change the domain controller password havn’t worked. I do have a question about the password-changing method

    It appears that the service that is supposed to change the admin password doesn’t run until you actually log into the server (determined from watching when it would run while logging in safe mode). Does that mean I have to have a valid login to the domain controller in order to change the password? I do not have a single valid login on this machine except for the blanked local admin password.

    I might have an easier solution to this problem. Is it possible, having only the local admin password, to delete the current domain and create a new one? This server is being setup at a new company, and I do not need the old domain, so if this is possible, that works fine.

    The 2000 server: I was running the offline NT password and registry editor to reset the local admin password, mounted the hard drives, and then ran into a big problem. The program was showing 4 partitons, but none of them were NTFS or FAT. The first partition was Unknown, the second partition (the boot partition), was SFS, and the third Win95 Ext’d (LBA). There were then two more SFS partitons. I am not familiar with any of these partition types, and the program cannot use any of them. Can anyone fill me in on what these are and what possible way there is to recover the password?

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