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    I find myself with a new client who no longer has an IT staff nor does she have documentation. (She explained the elaborate situation to me.) So there are 2 servers in a domain. Box1 was a cake walk, reset local admin, reset domain admin, taada. Box1 is just an app server, nothing else, so I assume box2 to be the DC.

    Box2, reset local admin, login, look around, it’s running Hyper-V but no DC. Maybe the DC is inside of a Hyper-V? I haven’t really hands-on’d hyper-v before.

    Ok, so I go to reset the domain admin and I messed up big time. Following the ‘SRVANY and INSTSRV’ method (Which I know also works on 08r2 and worked for Box1) I forgot to go F8, Directory Restore Service Mode. Yup, I fail big time. I managed to execute all tasks. I rebooted the machine. I start typing administrator into the login box while it says the correct domain below, when I hit the final letter, it changes the domain to the local machine. Yikes. So I tried DOMAINadministrator + reset password. It goes ‘welcome’ and then I get error box ‘the username and password are in correct’. Later I login to local admin to find ‘a message in another program is trying to be displayed, click here to display the message’ it’s the PassRecovery cmd box and it’s1355 – Error Message: The Specified Domain Either Does Not Exist or Could Not Be Contacted. System could not find message text for 0x8 in the system. (I donno what that means or if it’s helpful.)

    I know there is a domain admin account named: administrator, because I cracked it on the other machine. I haven’t networked the 2 machines, fearing the DC would push the other password back. Is it possible to somehow send the Domain admin PW upstream, to some how affect the DC? I have NO documentation to know about any other accounts to try or anything. Where to now?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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