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    I am preparing to replace a domain controller on my Windows Server 2003/AD network and am having some trouble figuring out the correct sequence of steps. I will be installing Server 2003 fresh on new hardware (we’ll call it “NewServer”) to replace our second domain controller, we’ll call it “OldServer”.

    I will need to transfer DNS, WINS, and DHCP from the OldServer to the NewServer. I may also need to transfer FSMO Roles (see side question below). This server is also our main file server.

    I know that I will need to DCPromo, but what is the correct order for the other services, FSMO roles, and files – and when should I demote the other DC?

    Side Question: OldServer is currently holding the Schema and Infrastructure FSMO Roles. This article (and this one) states that for a small network the main DC could/should hold all of the roles, should I try to transfer them back to our main DC?

    In summary:
    1. Can someone provide me with a logical set of steps to accomplish this replacement?
    2. Should I move the two FSMO roles back onto our main DC?

    Thanks in advance for your help!


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