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    Without writing a novel about why, let me just say that we are currently thinking about tearing out our Cisco IP Phone system and replacing it with a shoretel System. We have found, as you could presume, that Cisco can network their phone system nicely but seem to lack in the creature comfort area. Shoretel seems to have a great phone product, but, as we are realizing in the design phase, they can’t network worth $h…. I have to say that we don’t actually have a whole lot of vendors here in western NY and our experiences may be due to lack of knowledge by the vendors.

    ANYWAY, if you are still reading, Cisco phone traffic is inherently tagged therefore if you set a voice vlan on your switches, the traffic is separated. We have been told that the shoretel system isn’t inherently tagged and whenever the phone reboots, it looses its tagging.

    Where I am going with this is that we have multiple networks now for geo sites and voice
    X.X.1.X data site1
    X.X.3.X data site2
    X.X.4.X data site3
    X.X.5.X voice over all sites

    Shoretel tells me they have a hard time traversing all of the networks and that we could either hard code all of there phones so they aren’t DHCP or put all of my sites on one network so they don’t have a problem getting an IP address.

    Please confirm how wrong this is……

    Should I even consider this? The slowest connection between sites is a point to point T1, the other is a Gig fiber connection.



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