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    I have some users in marketing, they have ‘local distribution’ lists in outlook that they all use, however with local lists when they hit a certain number they stop sending. I have been getting round this by splitting the list first in 2, then to 4. The list is growing and they no longer want to send to multiple seperate groups, they would like just sending to one list.

    Setting this up in active directory would make too much extra work, in that after the group has been setup all the company will be able to see it in the gal and maintaining the group would be a geneal nightmare.

    Im looking for a solution that gives the group administraion to the marketing team, where they can freely update the e-mail addresses at will.

    as a way forward i was looking for an Online mailing list distribution service.

    my question is, is an online mailing list my only option in this scenario?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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