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    I’m deploying Exchange Server 2007 on a Windows Server 2003 machine in a relatively simple deployment for a small office. Currently, the dns settings are:

    Host | Type | Data | A | | A | | MX | 5 | MX | 10 | A | | MX | 5 | MX | 10 is the public IP address of the single server used in this Exchange Server deployment.

    The logic behind this is that I wanted to get Exchange Server 2007 working with the test domain before making the big switch (the office is not currently using AD, but will be once we are ready to migrate to the new mail server as well).

    So, I have 1 AD user setup in the AD domain.

    I followed the instructions for configuring Exchange Server 2007 to receive mail from other domains located at, and I followed instructions to configure specific email addresses located at

    I have also configured the default domain to be

    However, I am experiencing two problems:

    1. I cannot receive mail when logged into the OWA interface when email is routed to [email protected], and I am not getting mail returned to sender when email is sent to that address.

    2. When I try to send email from the OWA interface it is automatically sent to the Drafts folder.

    Thank you for your assistance.

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