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    I am running a simple setup where Mx pointed to Firewall.And then opened Port 25 to exchange 2010 server in the Internal network.Send connector created on this server with * and priority 1.

    Now we are planning to Introduce ET.We test setup a scenrio and synced ADLDS in dummy lab.All seems perfect.I need to know whether how will the routing in this case going to work.

    Correct me whereeve rI am wrong;
    1. Port 25 has to be opened for ET in DMZ on the firewall.
    2. ADLDS will communicate b/w ET and HUB/CAS/Mailbox Server.

    Will these default connector going to send the message to outside as well?
    As there is Conector from Edge to internet with some prioirty of 100.
    Or Send Connector on Hub/CAS (manually created initially created before Edge introduce) going to send the outbound mails?
    Smart host entry (of ET in DMZ) to be added in Send connector of HUB/CAS to or FQDN is fine.
    How will mail going to flow either way?


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