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    I was tasked to forward all emails which are targeted for specific address to some internal smtp address (i.e. SharePoing incoming emails), I used this Petri article and 95% went smooth as silk. However, one issue arise and I kindly need your advice.

    Basically, our domain is, I defined a new sub-domain inside our smtp server (builtin windows SMTP) –, in Exchange I defined an internal send connector that moves all emails with the domain to the SMTP server. It works well internally inside the organization.
    Only one problem left: emails which are being received from external peers (being sent from people from outside our network) are not arriving to our Exchange server because was never defined in our DNS records.

    My questions are:
    1. Should I add to our DNS records, will exchange apply the connector logic and forward this email to the SMTP address? since the connector is defined as ‘internal’, I wonder whether EX should be told to forward external emails too.
    2. Is there another solution besides changing DNS – can’t I somehow use only our main domain ( and make one specific email address to be relayed/forwarded to the SMTP address (probably using different method other than Send Connector)?

    Thanks a lot,
    Yonatan G

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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