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    This problem has emerged only after a recent crash and fresh intall of XP and applications. I have 22 email accounts. I use my domain host POP3 server. When I open Outlook, exactly 4 of the 22 accounts download and the rest timeout with an 0x800CCC0F error: “The connection to the server was interupted.”

    Subsequent send and receives result in a variable number of accounts that timeout – usually about 2. Rarely the same ones from test to test. Never the first 4 or so in my Outlook group. Sometimes (rarely) none timeout.

    Changing the server timeout setting on the accounts seems to have no effect. Uninstalling my antivirus and firewall has no effect. I have twiddled what settings I could find to no effect. I tried a repair of Outlook to no effect. I emphasize this problem has only emerged recently.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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