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    I will summarise the issue the best I can but we are trying to make the ‘From’ field available when you send a meeting request or respond to a meeting request. We are migrating some users who have a Mailbox in two different Companies into a centralised Exchange environment. They require a merged Calendar and all mail to be in one Mailbox hence all meeting requests and mail sent to their current Company Mail addresses being redirected to the centralised Mailbox, which will be their logon going forward.

    We have achieved the centralised Calendar and they can send as either Company when they send an email. The SMTP address assigned to their centralised Mailbox is not permitted to be used and a Transport rule blocks outgoing Mail sent as that address. Their two Company Mailboxes are migrated to the Centralised Exchange to allow them to Send As those SMTP addresses.

    The only issue we have is with the ability to send a meeting invite or respond to a meeting request as their Company SMTP address, as they do now when sending Mail. The From field is greyed out. Does anyone know how we can achieve this? We have logged a call with Microsoft who just state that the From field is greyed out by Design. We need to send a meeting invite and respond to a meeting invite as one of their Compnay SMTP addresses. The user selects the appropriate one.

    Calendar delegation doesn’t work in our scenario as the meeting invite does not appear in the centralised Calendar but in their Company Mailbox we migrate over.

    Thanks in anticipation.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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