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    so, we’ve finally gotten tired of letting users be local admins (yeah, yeah, i know). so, i’ve been going around and removing everyone’s admin rights. well, a couple of people balked about a couple of minor things.

    1) not being an admin prevents users from double-clicking on the clock in the tray for just a quick little calendar. that was actually easily fixed via the local security policy. so, no real problem there.

    2) this is the one i need help with: i have one user complaining that if he goes to lunch, or whatever, when he comes back, his monitor has turned off. his screen isn’t locked, and he does not have to put in his password, he just finds it annoying. apparently, this was not the behavior before i took away his rights. i have checked all the settings and his screen should be staying on, so, i figured i’d add the local ‘users’ group to the power management policy in security. well, surprise! there is no power management group. so…

    can anyone advise me on how to get this guy rights to adjust power management without making him an admin. also, i’d prefer to do this locally, rather than via gpo.


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