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    firstly thanks very much to this site, i have set up my first exchange server by following various guides, and security with the following

    i am trying to set up IMAP so i can access my emails wherever i am and on any OS/client platform, for example thunderbird on mac os/linux as well as outlook with XP.

    – so far OWA works perfectly and securely (using, and i get the padlock icon)

    – outlook works with exchange server locally. i presume securely as i set it up following the above guides, but i’m not sure how to test it. but i will only use that method on my local network or secure vpn anyway.

    – ‘local’ IMAP (where the IMAP server is just the NETBIOS name of my exchange server) works sending and receiving without SSL, but not if i enable it in outlook under internet email settings>advanced>use SSL. i get error code 0x800ccc0e (generic looking ‘can’t connect’ message) for receiving and 0x800ccc7d (your SMTP server does not support SSL) on sending

    – external IMAP doesn’t work at all with thunderbird on mac os. i have left settings at the defaults with no security but all i get is a message that the connection has been refused. however SMTP works just fine, i can send as the account but cannot copy the message to the ‘sent items’ folder for the account. i have not set up any CA stuff on this mac.

    (edit: actually it works now, i forwarded some ports)

    is there a step i’m missing? SSL appears to work, as does IMAP, but not together. i notice many tutorials on exchange i found googling around neglect to mention forwarding ports on firewalls or routers, i have forwarded whatever i can think of like 25, 993, 465, 443 (edit: and 143). if anyone can help i’d really appreciate it

    thanks in advance

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