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    A short story I found funny (but very sad, thinking of how true it is) on one of the blogs of ITToolbox :

    One day, the Server Team intern went to the Help Desk Samurai for advice.

    “I have watched you work with our users” the intern told the Samurai, “and have never seen anyone better at helping people solve computer problems. You must have a secret. Where did you get this knowledge from?”

    The Samurai reached into a pocket of his robe and drew out a USB thumb drive. Handing it to the intern, he said “Take this USB drive, and meditate upon its contents. Once you have truly understood what it contains, you will have the same knowledge as I.”

    The intern eagerly took the USB drive and went to study. However, two days later he returned to the Samurai, downcast and frustrated.

    “I have looked through this USB drive a dozen times!” he blurted out, “and I have found nothing except a recipe for chocolate chip cookies and two text files with some jokes in them!”

    “And?…” asked the Samurai, his eyebrows raised.

    “And? And what?!” the intern moaned. “You said that the secret knowledge to help people with computer problems was on this USB drive. But there isn’t a single thing about computers!”

    The Samurai continued to look at the intern…

    A gr8 day to us all!! And God praise the support teams all around the world !


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