Secondary domain controller (ADC) to fully function when primary DC is dead?

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    Hello All,
    I am seriously practicing a PDC-ADC failover for my new assignment. Please look at my case and help me out on few doubts.
    I have a win 2003 domain with single domain controller (PDC) with DNS integrated, where I recently added an additional domain controller (ADC) to test a scenario of losing the primary DC.
    I configured and made sure

    • Active Directory is properly replicated between both, sites and services, domains and trusts all look as expected.
    • I installed DNS service on the ADC, which after a while properly replicated from the PDC integrated DNS, all records are shown well in ADC DNS.
    • I enabled Global Catalog on ADC, as well as it’s there in PDC
    • All FSMO roles are currently on PDC itself. I am going to ‘seize’ them to ADC using Ntdsutil.exe commands, once I shut down the PDC (consider it got blown and dead).

    I trust my concepts till now are ‘OK’ but some MS KB articles kicks me saying(Ref:
    ”Do not put the Infrastructure master role on the same domain controller as

    the global catalog server. If the Infrastructure master runs on a global catalog server it stops updating object information because it does not contain any references to objects that it does not hold. This is because a global catalog server holds a partial replica of every object in the forest.”

    If so, how can I seize the infrastructure master role to the ADC, which is already a Global Catalog Server? Once the PDC fails, the ADC will be the only domain controller in the domain to server all functions, which needs to all FSMO, DNS, and the Global Catalog as well. So does the above statement make a true sense? Or is it there should be multiple ADCs to function in the domain when the PDC fails?

    Moreover if the above statement is true, how come the primary DC by default holding the Global Catalog as well 5 FSMO (including the infrastructure master role)roles and properly co-exist?

    Please correct if I am wrong and going stupid :D.
    And please list out what the important things to do when a PDC dies and ADC should lead the league?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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