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    Hello everyone! Let me give you a little info on my current setup.

    I have 2 DNS servers in my 250+ user environment. One of the server is running Windows Server 2003, it is also the first DC in the domain. I also have a Windows 2000 Server that is the second DC. The oddity that I have happening is this.

    When I reboot the W2k DNS server the DNS zone goes from Secondary to Primary Active Directory Integrated. We even discovered that it also occurs if you stop and start the DNS service.

    I have found only one artice that addresses this issue:

    But the proposed fix seems not to apply to my situation (or I don’t fully understand what I am looking for).

    To give you more info on what other tasks these systems do:

    Windows Server 2003
    DNS server
    Certificate Server
    File Server

    Windows 2000 Server
    DNS Server
    Backup Server
    Terminal Services Licensing Server

    Thanks in advance for any help


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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