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    Trying to get into hardening my server, I got to use scw (Security Configuration Wizard).

    When launching scw from the console (Windows 2003 Server, SP2, plain install) I got:

    “The security configuration wizard cannot continue because the required registry information was not found on this computer. Please reinstall the wizard and try again.”

    This is misleading since one would think that SCW is installed, when it is not (why does it even start, and this is not a *re*install ?).
    As an optional Windows component, you can simply go to “Add or Remove Programs / Windows Components” on the Control Panel and install it.
    Presto, doing it solves this issue.

    I just post this to get it appearing in the searches for whoever has this same issue in the future. I googled unsuccessfully for a while before finding out.

    This thread can be closed.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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