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    I want to save Event log ( including Event log in Domain Controller : DNS, Active Directory) automatically. Ex : Daily, Application log will be export to app_%date%.log (that mean, on 05/27/2007, the file should be app_052707.log )
    I tried google and found some Microsoft tools such as : dumpel.exe, elogdmp.exe ( actually, I couldn’t find anywhere to download elogdmp.exe), psloglist.exe, … but I can’t schedule them to backup event log as my requirement.:???:

    Anyone did have the same problem and solved it, please share your experience.

    Thanks so much.

    P/S: it seems that dumpel.exe didn’t support DNS log and Active Directory log, so please tell me where can I don’t load elogdmp.exe ???

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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