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script to collect PC info (SWs,Drivers,OS..)

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    Hello all,
    I need to build script that collect info about the PC.
    This should be work on XP,2003 & Vista.
    I work with file R.bat that I made.
    I’m looking for the DOS command for it. since it the basic level for all OS’s.

    About SW installed: I display the dirs in “c(or d):Program Files” by dir cmd, is there any better way that return also the version?

    About Users:How can I know the name of all users that installed on the PC?

    About drivers: Do you know a command for it?

    And other issue like: Motherboard, Display, Storage, Partitions, Inputs, Network, Peripherals, BIOS, Property, System Properties, Motherboard Properties and Chassis Properties.

    Is there any site with a commands regard it?

    Thanks all to your help,

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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