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    hi there i’m Leafar i’m new here and i really need help with someting….here goes:

    i study IT and have a project that will take 2 days, the point is that there are 2 computers both broken and i will need to make 1 working computer with parts from both broken pc’s ,

    today i had to de-assemble both computers and tommorow i have to assemble one, but when i de-assembled both i also already checked some parts that work and some that don’t (so it’ll be easier tommorow)

    but when i checked both harddisks i saw that both of them had no jumpers, now is it possible to assemble a working computer with all basic hardware (i.e. harddisk, cd-rom drive, floppy-drive) without any jumpers?

    i’m asking this because i already had to do this project and failed…. because i never heard of the term jumper settings….(foolish me…*ashamed* so eventually i changed the jumper settings and it worked, but it was to late,

    and now both harddisks don’t even have a jumper….
    please help…. :-|

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