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    Ok, here’s a really fun one.
    The background to the issue is:
    client has a shared mailbox, let’s call it [email protected]
    TehCamel and JoeRandom both have access to this mailbox, and full send-as permissions. Currently, when they send, it appears as being sent from [email protected] which so far, is what the client wants.

    However, they are using exclaimer. The exclaimer template basically uses

    To pull details from AD and put them on the signature. This is also pretty normal.
    However, client wants it to show up as the person who sent the email, rather than the shared mailbox.

    So therefore, I surmise that it would need to obtain a different field from AD.

    And that sets me to wandering, is there some sort of AD Schema reference that would be able to display the AD SID (just at a base level) of the person who sent the email?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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