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    Please help me to resolve the strange issue. What we have is two subnets: LAN and DMZ. In the center of LAN we have Windows 2008 DC + another file server and in DMZ we have a few web servers running Windows 2008. Web servers are Not the part of local domain. On DC I created a few scheduled tasks pointing to batch files sitting on the file server on the local domain + I stored username/password for web server on the domain controller. These tasks will be copying files from domain file server to the web servers. And everything works fine. But only if the local domain user is logged in on the DC. My task is to make sure that scheduled tasks will be working fine when the local user is NOT logged in on the DC. I resolved one of the issues (network mapped drives are NOT visible when you’re not locally logged in), but the second issue now is that scheduled task fails because cannot access shares on Web server. This makes me think that Windows “Stored username/passwords” Only work when user is locally logged in on DC, could you confirm this please? if that’s the case, what options do I have? I do not want to save username/password for web server in the batch file for security reasons. I’ve tried to create username with the same name and password on both domain and web server but it did not work.
    Please help :) thank you

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