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    Exchange 2003 SP2 source > Exchange 2010 SP1 target. (InterOrg)

    Any of you PowerShell guru’s know of the correct syntax required to parse credentials into the get-credential command so that i can run this on a schedule?

    It appears that the underlying security sub system of PS doesn’t seem to allow parsing clear text passwords. Parsing the user name though is easy. But im having difficulty parsing the “password” as this is required for the local and remote host in order for the cross forest mail box migration to take place.

    I can create a password file with the following $password = get-content C:/passwordfile.txt | convertto-securestring. But im having difficulty piping that into the relavent place so the PS Shell opens with the right credentials and then runs my desired script? Any ideas?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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