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    We are using SCCM to image machines which we do a lot of. We use a PXE boot to start the process. The problem we’re having is its not always working. It it never worked I’m sure it would be an easy problem to fix. Anyway out of every 30 or so I get 4-5 that start the PXE boot then get this error “Status: 0xc000001 Info: A required device isn’t connected or can’t be accessed”

    Here’s the strange part and I don’t know why but for these that fail and they will fail over and over, if I set a DHCP reservation to give them a different IP then they will work. The reservation is in the same scope and all that and not all are requiring this. I’ve tried the obvious like rebooting the SCCM server etc and the ones that fail are getting correct leases in DHCP but for some reason giving them a new one allows them to image.

    What am I missing?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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