sbs2k hangs on boot unless info store is disabled 1st

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    Hello, very nice forum – thanks!

    Dell 600SC / 1.5ram – all current firmware updates
    Static public IP – multi-honed
    SBS2k sp4-fully patched / ISA / exch2k sp3–current rollup – MDBDATA on “D”
    Veritas 9.1 current / Trend client/server messaging suite, current
    3-drive raid 5, 2 partitions, 12-3gb free/55-5gb free

    Event log does not have anything that pertains to this issue. System has been fully scanned for virus, spyware, etc. Admin console shows no health monitor alerts. Diskeeper9 has been run a number of times to get everything in order. Issue is pretty straight-forward – on boot system seems to come up normally, @ the logon screen I wait for 5 minutes to let the services fire up (lots of disk action) get into the screen and enter the credentials and they the system just goes south for a while, very slowly sometimes the network connections box comes up, then loading local profile, etc – takes forever – I cannot wait — I soft boot into safe mode, disable the information store and everything comes up fine – sometimes isa and a few other services don’t fire, but they do if I boot again. The info stores mounts and dismounts fine, ran ESEutil against it and no problems, did not run ISinteg – email works fine, brick level backups via emerge are fine, veritas backup works fine, logs get deleted ok, etc. I have not had the patience to set boot logging and wait to see if it ever loads or not – I also though it might be an AD issue of some sort and it just needs time to sort out on boot up. I imagine it could very well be another service and not the info store; I might try disabling trend and bue. I don’t know if it’s related, but I also have issues with the following services; Windows Management Instrumentation kernel, will not fire up @ all, says it cannot find file and the Performance Logs and Alerts service will start for a second and then die, nothing in the error log. So there you have it, sorry in advance if I overlooked something rudimentary, but I am @ a loss on this one. Thanks/Kurt

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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