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    I’m not sure which forum is more relevant, SBS 2011 or Exchange 2010. I recently completed a swing from Server/Exchange 2003 (non SBS) to SBS 2011. I have users who need to respond to emails from 2 different domains. It was set up and working on my old server, but has broken on the new SBS 2011 box.

    The problem I have is that using the SBS console, I cannot have 2 users with the same full name, or with the same email name before the @ symbol.

    Example: Let’s say John Doe has [email protected] and [email protected]. On the old server, I had 2 user accounts, both called John Doe, but the login name for the second account was johndoexyz. The login name differentiated the two accounts, and I could set up the separate mailboxes no problem. Exchange & server 2003 didn’t care that there were 2 accounts with a full name of John Doe, or that the email name is jdoe for both domains (@abc and @xyz).

    Now on my 2011 box, both accounts show up in SBS console. However, I cannot make any changes to either account, because SBS console complains about either the full name, or the email address being the same (at least, the text before the @ symbol).

    What is the suggested course here? Do I just have 1 user account in the SBS console, and create a second user & mailbox using ADUC, grant the SBS user full mailbox access? Will doing this break any of the SBS integration?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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