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    Hi everyone.

    We recently upgraded our server and since then I have a couple of problems. I cannot work out if the problem could be with SBS2011 or not – can anyone offer advice?

    Problem 1 – on a client machine, there are several pop/smtp accounts for other domains. Never was a problem on the old server (older version of SBS) now, specifically when there is an attachment, these emails will not send and sit on the outbox on the client machine. As soon as the attachment is removed they go – is there any setting that could cause this?

    Problem 2 – it seems that the sever is somehow controlling the layout of outlook. As an example, by default we used to have preview only on unread messages. After the server upgrade it previews on all messages. This means for every folder we have created, we have to manually change it back – no big deal but I can find nowhere that seems to suggest the server would do this.

    Thanks a lot for any input.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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