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    SBS2011 standard running flawless for a couple of years.

    Last 3 nights has logged NTFS Event Id 55 at exactly 11:01 PM. on our data partition which is part of our raid 5 array.

    Event Details:
    The file system structure on the disk is corrupt and unusable. Please run the chkdsk utility on the volume OurData.

    CHKNTFS ,CHKDSK as well as SERVER MANAGER and DELL SERVER MANAGER show no sign of any problem.

    Seems to me like something else that runs around 11: PM must be the thing causing the problem but I have no idea how to determine what it is.

    Is there a list somewhere of the default times “stuff” runs on SBS2011

    Any help appreciated. Thanks

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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