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SBS2008 Vpn Not Working

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    Hey guys, i have a problem with VPN in sbs2008, first had the ip of the server in and everything would work ok. Now i have changed ip of the server to that is the public ip, and the vpn stoped working, i can connect to the server, but cannot ping the server name, the server name with the local domain, can browse shared folders. Rass is giving ip’s from to Please Help…:confused:

    EDIT: i have changed the DCHP range adress, it’s from to and the firstip the is for the internal interface of the server, and when i connect to vpn it connects, i receive ip and ai can ping, but cant ping the name of the server, it seems that i inside the netowrk but at the same time im not inside the netowrk because if i try to configure exchange it wont find the exchange server…


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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