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    Jud Aster

    Hello and thanks for reading,

    I can’t RDP from the SBS208 RWW site. I googled the problem and found that putting the url of the rww site (in my case [URL][/URL] in the trusted site zone and in the compatibility list, should solve the problem, but it doesn’t work for me :-(

    I don’t really know what else I can do. I’m stucked with the same problem.
    Our sbs2008 box is fully patched including the latest rollover, and the situation is like this:

    1. We can RDP from the SBS 2008 remote web workplace using any Windows XP and 7 clients. We’ve just purchased a couple of new laptops with Windows 8 Professional OS, and
    2. You can log-in to the RWW and you get all the options depending on the user (admins can log in to the server, etc)
    3. When I select to connect to a remote desktop, I get the username and password dialog box, I enter the credentials and it does not work, it keeps asking for the password as if it was wrong

    I added to the trusted sites and also to the compatibility view.

    I did the test to directly connect to the machine through the Windows 8 computer from the LAN and it works. So I think we have some problem related to the TS of the SBS box, because I can login to the RWW site, select the computer I want to log-in, but I can’t log-in it doesn’t accept the credentials.

    Any help would be great,



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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