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SBS2008 Premium

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    Hey guys, i need some help here, i have a company with 1 sever win2003 and exchange 2003. Now i need a new server and my idea is to make a new xeon server with sbs2008 premium because of exchange and sqlm since exchange 2003 cannot be installed in win2008. Now i still need the old win2003 for TS since i have 15 TS Cal’s, and for the printers. So my idea is to make the sbs2008 a PDC and joining the win2003 to the domain. 1 Server for sbs2008 with exhange and sql, and server 2 for ts and printers. Does sbs2008 premium take more than 4 gb of ram ? Advise apreciated.

    Best Ragards
    Kevin Guerreiro

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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