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SBS2008: Issues with adding new PC clients and then WSUS

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    A few months ago the [url]http://connect[/url] wizard started acting up and would fail on the 2nd item (sorry i don’t recall) which I think was joining network. Interesting it would rename the PC and name it pc.domain.local but it wasn’t really on the domain so I would have todo it the old school way. I’ll assume this is where the WSUS issues come in.

    I have to get updates for the new PC from the internet/microsoft and not the SBS2008 WSUS. It gives and error and fails every time from WSUS but takes no issue with the internet.

    I see the client in WSUS console.

    What gives? Group policy since I didn’t use the [url]http://connect?[/url]

    Any other concerns?

    The last few PCs that had the joining via [url]http://connect[/url] issue I got running but I don’t recall what the solution was. I know at this point since they are Win7 clients the can have 150+ updates which has called stalls the first time in the past and I’ve had to connect to the internet manual a dozen times until it seems to start working well and getting a new client patched up properly.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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