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    I have a site that I took over and they have a SBS2008 Server and 4 other app/doc servers running with 45 users all in a glorified workgroup with no rights and no users connected to the domain.
    Old network is as follow:
    DSL Router on
    SBS2008 on with domain MAN.local and running Exchange/DHCP/DNS
    PABX Server on
    ACT Server on
    Docs Server on
    POS Server on
    45 Users not domain joined with/without static ip’s.

    I have installed a new Dell R520 Server with SBS2008 which I would like to use for the DC/DHCP/Exchange and from there have all users joined to it’s new domain so we can use group policies and all other domain joined benefits such as security/rights.
    I have configured the new SBS2008 on MAN2.local and using ip with a secondary ip to be able to use the gateway on but when I try to join a pc to the domain it can’t find the DC. I have disabled the DHCP on the new server and used static IP on the PC.

    I have also tried moving the new server to with gateway on and still can’t find DC. I also disabled the DHCP on the old server and still no DC.
    I have also tried configuring the Dlink DSL-2540U Router to have internal IP and but can’t find the gateway on the server when it’s on Think I did not config it correctly.

    Can someone please recommend how I can do this and what would be the
    best way. I am now thinking of setting up a router/gateway device that is able to give me a and IP on the network. Can someone recommend such a device and then have the two networks totally seperated in theory, but still be able to break through to the 10 range as needed.

    Any help/advice will be appreciated.

    Maritz Jonker

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