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    Hi, i am new to the forums and fairly new to SBS so please go easy :)

    I basically want to disable all forms of Folder Redirection on 1 specific machine.

    I’ve been reading a few guides online on how to do this but have run into a wall, hopefully what i have done is not completely wrong.

    Moved the computer in question into its own OU
    Created a new GPO linked to this OU
    Enabled ‘Use Group Policy Loopback processing’ and set to Replace
    Enabled Block Inheritance on this new GPO.
    Set all Folder Redirections on new GPO to ‘Not Configured’

    I forced an update on GPO on both the server and the machine in question.
    Now when i log into the machine it hangs on ‘Applying Folder Redirection policy’.

    Im guessing i’ve done something/haven’t done something to cause this.

    All help/feedback is appreciated :)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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