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    Hey petri comunity, i have a sbs2008 and it’s a little bit tricky, was use to sbs2003 and win 2003 and this is a new adventure for me, lerning new things every day. I have configured the vpn with one NIC, since with 2 i can’t get it working. I connected 2 pc’s via vpn to the sever, it’s given ip to one computer and to another..they have internet both of them, but they cannot ping one to another, they can’t see themselfs. The ip is given throw RRAS setup and not dhcp. I have noticed that the netmask is and that is the reason, but is there anyway to let them ping? Anyone has ideas ? and when rras gives the ip, id doesen’t give the gateway adress, probably because it isint the DHCP Server giving it ?


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