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    I have a problem and wonder if anybody can help? I am running SBS 2003 SP2 with a Microsoft mirror with 2 IDE 200 gig drives. The mirror quit. I tried to reactivate disk with no luck. Reactivate runs and stops with Online (errors). I pulled the disk0 out and replaced with a new 250 gig IDE drive. The system would not boot up. Windows starts and blue screens. I then put back disk0 and pulled disk1 and replaced with new drive. The system booted fine. I defined the new drive as a dynamic disk unallocated. I removed the mirror and defined a new mirror with the new drive. The drive started to resync and ran until about 1% or 2% and then stopped. In the system log it stated there was a bad block so I ran chkdsk with both options set to fix errors. I had a couple of bad blocks. I then repeated the process to set up the mirror with the same results. I then ran chkdsk again with no bad sectors. Now this is where I am. The system seems to run fine without a mirror and I can not get the mirror to work. Do you think running service pack 2 again would help? Any ideas?

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