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    A server from a client failed so we advised to get rid of the 4 year old server and get a new one. (HP ML110 G4). Ok he agreed. We had a full backup made by the SBS NTbackup feature.

    The old server was initially installed with a windows 2003 sbs server (no service packs included). But at this time the SBS SP1 and windows 2003 sp2 are applied to it.

    So we installed the new server with the same installation disks as the old server. We applied windows server 2003 sp1 and we went for a reboot in Directory Restore mode. Restored the server (not the exchange instance) but we did restore all the other files and system state. Wich went succesfully.

    So we rebooted again into safe mode (because of the new hardware) and that is where it’s going wrong. Eventually the ctrl+alt+delete screen appears but the keyboard and the mouse are not working. So we let it sit that we over night (6-7 hours) but still the keyboard doesn’t work so we can’t login??

    Tryed to install a USB keyboard and still no success, the server doesnt have an IP adress so can’t connect through RDP.

    What is going wrong i also tryed te install the system and install sbs2003 then windows server sp and then windows server sp2. But still same problem.

    Any ideas????


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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