SBS 2011 Teamed NICs

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    I found out the other day that NIC teaming is not supported in SBS…which I think is rubbish – but anyway…

    The issue I have is that I need to generate a CSR and apply the cert to the server. In my experience I’ve found all sorts of issues of doing this if it’s done manually thru powershell for instance, rather than using the SBS console.

    Now, I can’t run the ‘Add a trusted certificate’ wizard as it says ‘Cannot find a domain name on your server’ (which there is – Exchange is working fine)

    If I try and run the ‘Set up your Internet Address’ wizard (to get the domain name bit working) It says ‘In order to register a domain name, you must first run the Connect to Internet Wizard’

    When I run the ‘Connect to the Internet Wizard’, I get ‘Cannot find a connected network adapter’.

    The server’s functional, email’s coming in and going out etc etc, but because I’ve got teamed NICs it can’t detect the virtual adapter (originally named Local Area Connection 3, but changed to Local Area Connection – didn’t fix problem)

    The certificate is the last thing I need to do on the server. Does anyone have any idea as to how I can apply it without having to dissolve the team, and re running the wizards? Ideally we would like to keep it teamed for redundancy.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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