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    Just wanted to know from any others looking after SBS 2011 servers what kind of performance utilisation you are seeing. What i mean is I have a current SBS 2011 box on a HPML350 server with a Xeon E5620 CPU and 16gb Ram. Two raid 1 volumes using 15k SAS drives.

    The server has 8 clients connected, and even in the middle of the night with no load, other than standard SBS functions the server utilisation for CPU is around the 30% mark. During peak usage periods its around the 50-60% mark. System process in particular using upto 30% during peak usage times and around 5-10% during off peak usage.

    I have examined the performance with perfmon, xperf and various other tools but cannot see anything standout. Guess my question is, is SBS 2011 that processor intensive? I look after some SBS 2008 boxes and they don’t seem to be anywhere near as processor intensive.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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