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    Hi folks,

    Done a couple of migrations now, unfortunately this one is being a pig.

    When running through the Migration installer, it gets to the Source and Destination server information and no matter what I do it errors with “Cannot connect to the domain” “verify that the domain name and log on credentials are correct, and then try again”

    If I look on the SBS 2003 machine, event 529 Unknown username or bad password is logged with the relevant user account.

    I’ve created a few brand new accounts, one by copying the administrator account and one new basic user that was then added to the domain/enterprise/schema admin groups as stated in the mirgation guide from MS.

    I’ve changed the RPC server to run as local system as that has caused problems in the past.

    I’ve resolve an NTFS journal wrap issue.

    I’ve checked the SBS Best Practise Analyser and done anything that suggested

    I’ve checked dcdiag and netdiag – resolve an issue witha couple of services not started.

    Firewall is disabled

    a/v client is unistalled.

    I’ve tried different switches.

    Both servers can ping each other, dns lookup for both the server name and the fqdn come up fine in a command prompt on the new server.

    Source server only has 1 nic, no external DNS in DHCP or manual.

    SBSSetup.log has this:

    [4820] 110905.141801.7582: Setup: Pinging old server name.
    [4820] 110905.141802.0603: Setup: Ping reply status = Success
    [4820] 110905.141810.3647: Setup: Connecting to domain and validating credentials.
    [4820] 110905.141810.3727: Setup: Networking might not ready, retry 1 here
    [4820] 110905.141810.8778: Setup: Networking might not ready, retry 2 here
    [4820] 110905.141811.3978: Setup: Networking might not ready, retry 3 here

    I’m all out of things to try, can anyone spot something that I have missed?

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