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    Since migrating to SBS 2011, we have noticed that some of the faxes received have unusual subjects when sent via email.

    They normally come through as:

    “Fax server SERVERNAME received a new fax from 011101010101”

    Since our migration we have received 16 faxes. 5 of these have had mangled subjects.

    3 of the five have “NO CARRIER” in reverse “REIRRAC ON” or a part of the phrase appended to the subject such as:

    011101010101 REIRRAC .
    011101010101REIRRAC O.
    011101010101EIRRAC ON

    1 of the five has the fax number replaced with
    1REIRRAC ON ì¼ì¼Ã.

    A final one has “FœûêF˜Ü¿.” appended to the phone number.

    The fax itself comes through fine.

    I’m wondering if anyone else has seen this as to whether it is likely to be an SBS issue or not. It all worked fine on SBS 2003. The modem is a new US Robotics serial port modem that was automatically recognised by SBS 2011

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