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    Hello all

    Just wanted to clarify something…

    I have SBS 2011 standard installed and I want to add a second server (Win 2008 R2). I have seen it suggested that the process it simply a matter of UTFW ( h**p://connect) and then DCPromo. I am not sure that is correct… the h**p://connect feature of SBS 2011 does not support Win2008 server, only workstation OS ( vista, win7 etc..) ( n.b. It also needs .Net framework 4 installed on the client which is a feature addon for Win2008R2 server as 3.5.1 and then update, update update to 4 – or download .Net 4…)

    Anyway, the point is, “h**p://connect” does not work with Win 2008 server. Is it therefore the case that the actual process is to first join the domain, then add the admin account of the SBS 2011 server and then DCPromo? ( Unless the fact I am using SBS 2011 standard matters? i.e. SBS 2011 Premium does allow 2nd server adding via h**p://connect ?)

    What is the best practice concerning adding a second server to SBS 2011? I am using SBS 2011 standard – is the method the same as SBS 2011 premium?

    Many thanks for advice/help ( pls forgive the ** use, its my first post and I need 5 before URLs are allowed)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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